Kellie Brown Of Plus Size Style Blog 'And I Get Dressed' Launches Size Inclusive T-Shirt Company

As someone who believes in body positivity with every ounce of her fiber, I have to hope that one day brands and designers that carry size inclusive lines and cater to every type of body won't be the exception, but the rule. In the meantime, however, it's humans like plus-size fashion blogger Kellie Brown who are helping change the game. Brown, who runs the über successful And I Get Dressed — more of a lifestyle site than purely an #OOTD-based platform — has co-founded a new t-shirt company called Rich is Relative. The inspiration for the name? "Rich is Relative is a prompt to take a beat — a moment to think about what really matters," Brown said to me in an email.

Thus far, there are four statement tees within the collection, for men and women both. With slogans like "Love Thy Everyone," and, of course, "Rich is Relative," the designs are meant to make both the wearer and everyone around them take a moment to do some contemplation. Currently available in sizes S to 3XL, the messaging within the t-shirts is rooted in spreading good vibes — acceptance for the self, and acceptance for all others as well.

Love Thy Everyone Tee, $30,

Rich is Relative Men's Tee, $30,

Selfie Control Tee, $30,

For me, the acceptance these shirts preach also seems interconnected with the notion that even if we don't understand someone's actions/lifestyles/way of living, it is not our place to comment or bully or troll.

The "Selfie Control" tee, for instance, feels like a play off of "self control" — a trait we need to exhibit when considering how we approach treating others. But it's also a shoutout, perhaps, to Millennial culture, and our control over the images we put out there for the world to see. Selfies are photographs we utilize to present ourselves in certain ways; often in ways that highlight an aspect of our intrinsic selves, which we want to share with strangers and friends alike.

Almost every summer, statement tees have a moment. Not unlike a selfie, a statement tee features a message tied to visibility. So this season, why not opt for one of Brown's designs? The fact that she's a vocal proponent of body positivity shines through in each top — and there are few grander causes to jump into when a season so traditionally rooted in body shame rears its sunshine-ridden head.

Images: Kellie Brown/And I Get Dressed; Rich is Relative