The Best Part Of The '1989 Tour' Happens Backstage

If you think you bought yourself a ticket to Taylor Swift’s 1989 World Tour to get a literal front row seat to all of the fun she has to offer, you’re wrong. Well, you’re not wrong, just… mislead. Because, if Swift's Instagram videos are any indication, the backstage happenings of the 1989 Tour may be just as good as all the action we’re witnessing on stage. And yeah, maybe I feel just a little, OK, a lot of FOMO. Don’t worry, you soon will, too.

If you’ve been to a T.Swift concert before, or if you just follow your daily Swift-oriented headlines, you know that at most of her shows, if not all, she gifts the audience with an impressive musical guest. Because, yes, she’s friends with pretty much everyone in the music industry. Her show in Pittsburgh was no different, with Little Big Town showing up to perform. But, it wasn’t what Swift did on stage with Little Big Town that was the cool part, it’s what she did in her downtime with the band, as well as Kelsea Ballerini, Vance Joy, and Rachel Patten. Which, was basically just hanging out in her seriously posh dressing room that’s bigger than most Manhattan apartments, strumming on a guitar, and getting a little crazy with a bunch of A+ musical talents.

So, if your interest is piqued, take a look below at all the backstage fun you missed out on:

Freestyling (ish) Blink-182 songs

Albeit, however wrong. No one likes you when you're 25 either, Tay. It's cool.

Casually Harmonizing With Equally As Talented Gal Pals

I bet when you and your friends have sing-a-longs they aren't quite this good.

Passionate "Interpretive Dancing"

Who said she was a bad dancer? Swift's really feelin' it, and it shows.

Giving A Mini Concert At Her Concert

Concert-ception. It's real.