12 Citrus Decor Ideas To Give Your Home A Refreshing Upgrade, Just In Time For Summer

Sure, spring cleaning may help us to get our homes in order, but summertime is the perfect time of year to update our decorating schemes so that they invite in just a little more cheer. Citrus décor is just the right touch to add instant vibrancy to any room. Just a pop of yellow, lime green, or orange can do wonders to your interior.

With citrus candles, pillows, and more, it's easy to transform your home into a bright and sunny summer hideaway. Give your interior design palate some major zing with these 12 fruity picks.


Citrus Print

Instant motivation with a citrusy kick — we can get behind this inspirational print.

Print, $19,

Citrus Banner

Summer is time to celebrate! Deck out a summertime soirée with a pretty lemon-lime banner.

Banner, $16,

Lemon Tea Towel

Keep your kitchen tidy with a tea towel that will inspire you to keep your home lemony-fresh.

Tea towel, $26,

Hand-Painted Lime Pillows

For the perfect mix of cozy and cool, stack your sofa with some bright green citrus pillows.

Hand-painted pillows, $100,

Citrus Delight Candle

Adding a pretty candle to a room is one of the cheapest ways to update your home. This one both looks and smells like summer.

Candle, $9,

Lemon Wine Bottle Light

Give your kitchen or dining room a fruity touch with an artistically painted wine bottle.

Wine bottle light, $25,

Lemon Wreath

A vibrant yellow wreath makes a sunny home décor choice that will keep your space cheerful all summer long.

Lemon wreath, $55,

Lime Clock

A sprightly lime clock makes it a pleasure to watch the time pass.

Clock, $45,

Citrus Art Prints

A row of citrus-patterned prints gives any wall an instant burst of playfulness — with a grown-up vibe nonetheless.

Art prints, $40,

Giant Lemon Pillow

Who doesn’t need a giant lemon pillow in their possession, really?

Pillow, $47,

Lime Potholders

Kitchen décor is often overlooked when decorating a home, but these fruity potholders are both fun and functional.

Potholders, $20.54,

Lime Pillow

Toss a fruit-inspired pillow onto your patio furniture for a fresh, warm-weather touch.

Pillow, $35,