Ribbon Worm Found In Penghu, Taiwan Will Give You Nightmares For At Least A Week, If Not Longer

File this one under "things I wish I could unsee." Recently, a fisherman caught a tiny Taiwanese sea monster in the port of Penghu, a.k.a. the newest contender for places I never want to visit, ever, for any possible reason, and for reasons unknown, he chose to share his horrifying discovery with the rest of us. Well, actually the reasons are known; the man had no idea what he had caught and was hoping the Internet could help him out. But does that excuse the fact that his video will be the inspiration for an entire week of nightmares for me? Absolutely not. According to Hello Giggles, Wei Cheng Jian was fishing in Penghu when he caught an unreasonably terrifying, bright green sea worm. After he posted a video of the creature online to see if anyone could help him identify the tiny sea monster, the Internet decided that it was most likely a ribbon worm. Most of these little critters tend to be less than a foot long, but they can grow up to 60 meters in some instances, which means they're the perfect length to haunt your dreams forever. Oh, and one of their defining traits is a proboscis, which they use to locate and attack their prey, which they can swallow whole. Isn't nature a wonderful thing?

If you want a reminder of how lucky you are that humans are on top of the food chain, check out the video below.