Where Is Darren Criss At The Tonys? In True Broadway Fashion, His 'Hedwig' Matinee Came Before The Red Carpet

The Tony Award red carpet coverage has begun on CBS, but one host is conspicuously missing? At the top of the red carpet coverage, Sierra Boggess and Laura Osnes hosted from either end of the space. However, where is Darren Criss on the Tony Awards red carpet? He was supposed to host alongside the two starlets, but the former Glee actor and Starkid has not shown up yet.

The answer? Not only is it simple, but it's exhausting to think about. Darren Criss is still performing on Broadway right now. Darren Criss is currently starring in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway. The show has a Sunday matinee, so Darren Criss has had a full day today. Earlier, the red carpet coverage (which is being livestreamed over at the Tony Awards website) showed Criss over at the Belasco theater. What a pro, that Darren Criss. Any other actor could have, and maybe would have, called out and let an understudy do the show this afternoon. How awesome is it that "the show must go on" referred to both Hedwig and the 2015 Tony Awards.

So, no worries fans! Darren Criss will make it to the red carpet eventually. The show started at 3pm — so he'll be out and over to Radio City Music Hall before you know it.