Kaitlyn The Only Tattooed 'Bachelorette'? You'd Be Surprised Which Other Leading Ladies Sport Some Ink

Is anyone else super excited about this season of The Bachelorette so far? There are some seriously hot guys on Kaitlyn Bristowe’s season. (Ben H., I’m talking to you.) Speaking of hot guys, nothing is hotter than tattoos, even though I myself don’t have one. We’ve seen our fair share of tattooed men on in the history of The Bachelor franchise. (Contestant Josh even showed up this season shirtless so we could see his many tattoos.) In fact, most of the hopeful men vying for our Bachelorette’s heart over the last 11 seasons have had pretty noticeable tattoos. What about the Bachelorettes though? We know Kaitlyn’s got some bird tattoos, but which of the other Bachelorette women have tattoos, too?

Kaitlyn isn’t the first one with tattoos and you might be surprised by some of our past ladies who have inked up. One of the women even allegedly got a rose on her ankle so that she would always remember her experience on the show. Over the 11 seasons of the show, I was able to find several Bachelorettes with ink. And, who knows, more of them might have tattoos, just in places not visually accessible on Instagram pics. (Wink.)

Here are five Bachelorettes who do sport tattoos.

1. Kaitlyn Bristowe

She has two doves on the back of her arms because she said, like her, doves are the only bird who always find their way home.

2. Emily Maynard

Emily reportedly has two tattoos. She has a roman numeral seven on her wrist and a tattoo behind her ear, although no one has been able to figure out what the one behind her ear is. In 2012, Emily told Ali Fedotowsky that she likes a man with tattoos as well.

3. Ali Fedotowsky

Ali didn’t have any tattoos while she was on the show, but shortly after her breakup with Roberto, she went and got a wrist tattoo. The tattoo said “endure” and she got it written in her grandmother’s handwriting. Why endure? She was quoting her grandmother who use to tell her, “As we go through life we experience sunshine and rain…the secret is to endure.”

4. Ashley Hebert

According to HollywoodLife, Ashley has two tattoos, one of which she got while on the show. It says Crazy Beautiful on her wrist, and the other one is apparently a rose on her ankle. She went with three other girls to get matching roses that symbolized their experience on the show. Lucky for Ashley, she really did have quite the experience considering she’s now married to the man she chose, and they have a baby together.

5. Jillian Harris

Like Ali, Jillian didn't have any tattoos while on the show, but in 2011 she went and got the name “Marjorie” tattooed on her foot in honor of her Grandma Marge. She then wrote about it on her blog saying that her and four of her cousins all got the same tattoo in honor of their grandma. “We now have her name on our foot as she really has been with us, every step of the way,” she wrote. Aww.

Images: ABC/Rick Rowell