When Will The Tonys Air On The West Coast?

Let me tell you, I love living on the West Coast. The pace is more relaxing and the weather is really nice — at least it is in Los Angeles. The only thing that sucks is that award shows are never live, which means even the Tony Awards on Sunday night will be delayed until 8 p.m. Pacific Time. While the rest of the country gets to watch Broadway's biggest night live, everyone unlucky enough to live in the Pacific time zone must wait three hours in order to watch all the glitz and glamour. Not. Fair.

And of course, we'll all find out who won within those three hours, because award shows don't qualify for spoiler alerts when it comes to news outlets and social media. Luckily, the Oscars are broadcast live on West Coast, because that would be just cruel to make Hollywood wait to see its own biggest night. But what about the other ceremonies? Many major award shows are not broadcast live on the West Coast — even ones taking place in Los Angeles — and I'm getting pretty sick of this. The Grammys are never broadcast live in Pacific Time. The Golden Globes finally started airing live on the West Coast in 2010. What took so long?

I mean, sports games and matches are always broadcast live. Why can't award shows be, too? They are essentially the sports games of the entertainment world. And if you think all the Broadway fans are located in New York and the East Coast, you would be so wrong. There are lots of theater lovin' folk in Los Angeles and the rest of the West Coast. Come on, give us Pacific folk a chance to experience award shows with everyone else.