Will Arya Kill Meryn Trant On 'Game Of Thrones'? Her Past Has Come Back To Haunt Her In Braavos

Ever since Ilyn Payne first struck that fateful blow of his sword to Ned Stark's head, we knew Arya Stark's journey on Game of Thrones would undoubted be a dark one. It's also what helped to inspire Arya's kill list, which is just as straightforward as it sounds. It's not the life we necessarily wanted for the youngest Stark sibling, but I'd be lying if I didn't admit that Arya's quest to become a member of the Faceless Men has left me intrigued. Can she really leave her old life behind? Well, based on Sunday night's Game of Thrones episode "A Dance of Dragons," it's not going to be that easy. Because right now it looks as though Arya intends to kill Meryn Trant.

If you recall, Meryn is, in fact, one of the top names on Arya's kill list, having killed her dance instructor Syrio Forel way back in Season 1. In fact, he may have been the very first person to make it to the list since this happened shortly before her father's beheading. So you can imagine the look that crossed her face when she saw Meryn show up right before her on the docks of Braavos with Lord Tyrell. She may have set out that morning as Lana the Oyster Girl on a mission to kill the gambler as Jaqen H’ghar instructed. But as soon as she got a look at Meryn's face she went right back to being Arya, hellbent on seeking her revenge to those who have wronged her and those she loved.

Granted, she hasn't exactly made her move on him yet. However, she did manage to successful lie to Jaqen, claiming that the gambler wasn't hungry that day, which is why she was unable to slip him the poison. But I'm willing to bet she still has every intention of using that bottle… just for on the gambler. Whether or not she'll be successful in killing Meryn, though, is another story entirely. (However, given his behavior in both the past and present, I'd say this guy needs to go and soon.) But regardless of his inevitable fate, I highly doubt Jaqen will be pleased with Arya once he realizes what she's up to and how she hasn't actually left her past behind her.

What will The Girl's punishment be, I wonder? Will she be on dead body scrubbing duties for a whole year? Will he force her to take on a new face? Either way, I'm sure this move won't come without consequences. Prepare yourselves.

Image: Macall B. Polay/HBO