6 Foods That Help You Build Muscle, Because Nutrition And Exercise Go Hand In Hand

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When you're trying to build muscle and tone your body, working out is just half the battle. On top of your daily squats and bicycle crunches, you also need to make sure you're eating the right foods. After you exercise, your muscles need the right balance of nutrients to build themselves up.

"The best food is one taken with 30 minutes of exhaustive exercise, preferably containing a readily digested and absorbed carbohydrate and protein," says Dr. Robert Huizenga.

Eating the right foods will take your body from "injury and breakdown mode" to "rebuilding and enlarging" muscle mode.

"Your pre-workout and post-workout meals are the most important of the day because that is when your muscles are going to be hungriest and searching for energy to grow," says fitness expert Jackie Warner.

To help keep your body strong and replenished, try eating these six foods, which will help you get as strong as possible and gain muscle.

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