'True Detective' Season 2 New Promos Feature A Lot Of Chaotic Standing & Even More Brooding Looks — VIDEO

If you need a reason to be excited about Season 2 of one of HBO's most popular shows, then look no further than the fact that Rachel McAcams has a leading roll in True Detective this time around. While she's most famous for appearing as Regina George in Mean Girls, McAdams has since become best-known for being the go-to romantic movie heroine, considering all of her Nicholas Sparks-based films and, of course, her turn as Claire in The Time Travel's Wife. However, two new promos for True Detective Season 2 were released over the weekend, and, in addition to making you even more excited for the upcoming season, they continue to show a side of McAdams that audiences aren't as familiar with as they will be very, very soon.

The promos are called "Chaos" and "Stand" respectively and, aside from sharing the same clip of a woman walking out of a fancy mansion in a slinky gold dress, they have more or less nothing in common. "Chaos" shows us many shots of McAdams, Colin Firth, and Vince Vaughn, talking and navigating the gritty True Detective world, while "Stand" is completely silent except for the music for all 30 seconds and yet still manages to make a very strong point. To be fair, "Chaos" isn't really that chaotic (hardly anything blows up!) and "Stand" doesn't feature that much standing, but any and all footage from True Detective Season 2 is a win in my book.

To be fair, I'm a huge fan of McAdams, so I already wish that the trailers had featured her more. However, if you thought you had any chance of resisting the urge to fall into the True Detective fandom for the second season of the anthology, then these promos should be enough to convince you to just give in. There's a reason the show has so many fans and served as the catalyst for the revival of Matthew McConaughey's career — it's amazing, and it shows us a new side of actors that we previously never thought of as the gritty, dramatic type. (I'm looking at you, Vince Vaughn.)

Check out "Chaos" and "Stand" below, and see what I mean.

Image: YouTube (2)