Here's What Happens When Your BFF Gets A Significant Other (If Your BFF Is Kind Of A Jerk, That Is) — VIDEO

When your BFF gets an SO, things change. Of course they do! For starters, your friend is now dividing up time they used to probably devote solely to you, between you and someone else. Which is fine and normal and part of the inevitable circle of life. Eventually, for a lot of people, that SO is going to become a whole world, possible spouse and maybe even co-parenting unit. Which, in turn, means even LESS time will be spent with friends. BuzzFeed has captured what happens when your BFF starts dating someone with dramatic intensity. And if you and your BFF are extreme people with extreme actions and reactions, then this probably rings true for you.

I'd like to think that most people are a little more understanding. For instance, where I have unromantic plans with my SO and my BFF wants to hang too, I'll incorporate them. And in turn my BFF understands that we're not going to have the same amount or same type of time to spend together as we used to, and she's happy that I'm happy. Our relationship is different, not better or worse, just evolving. But I suppose there are those people (and I can think of one or two that have passed through my life) that completely ditch their friends as soon as a romantic interest is in the picture. These people, like the guy in the video, are bad at time management, a if we're being honest, a little bit jerky. And that's what BuzzFeed has very perfectly articulated in their video.

Watch this newly SO-ed guy be a dick to his BFF in the video below:

It's bull crap, right? While alone time with your SO is important, we all know that the right thing to do would be to invite the BFF along to the movies too. Because the rule is, if you wannabe my lover, you gotta get with my friends:

And besides, life is much better when your two BFFs are BFFs together too:

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