Wes Anderson's Short is Hipster Heaven

Wes Anderson and Jason Schwartzman are very much a packaged deal. Like Tim Burton and Johnny Depp, the pair are rarely seen outside of their own cinematic sphere. And with the release of Anderson's Italian short film/Prada ad Castello Cavalcanti, their bromance continues to bloom. Anderson wrote and directed the clip, and Schwartzman stars as an italian race car driver and takes place during the September 1955 Molte Miglia in Italy (an obvious salute to Prada's Italian roots).

Although the Prada logo appears on the back of Schwartzman's racing uniform, none of the other clothing shown – mainly plain white button-ups and suspenders, appear to be anything that's obviously from a Prada collection. But like most Wes Anderson flicks, Cavalcanti exudes a sort of hipster mentality that brings to mind chaotic wallpaper, vinyl records, bushy mustaches and mustard colored button-ups. As far as the film's plot line — a race-car driver who crashes in a small town only to find that it's the birthplace of his ancestors – feels a bit weak. The only real substance we're offered comes in the form of a plate of spaghetti Schwartzman scarfs down at the end of the seven minute film.

Next up for Anderson is the highly-anticipated The Grand Budapest Hotel, which will likely satisfy fans of his work, that is, if this incredible trailer (seriously, you'll watch it at least three times) is anything like the finished product. The film will open up the Berlin film festival, but won't hit American theatres until March of 2014. If you're like us, you're already biting your nails in anticipation. To take the edge off, here's Catello Cavalcanti, in all of its hipster glory.

Image: Prada