9 Kanye West Lyrics That Describe The Perfect Birthday For The Rapper Who Has Everything

Mr. West, Mr. West, Mr. Fresh, Mr. By-His-Self-He-So-Impressed turns 38 on June 8. The rapper, who recently celebrated his wedding anniversary, has so many more reasons to party. Not only is he another year older, but his wife Kim Kardashian is expecting their second child together. I'm sure that Kanye has big plans for his birthday, like reminding the world how much he loves Kardashian, giving a statement-making live performance, or spending some quality time with his daughter North West. You know, just another day in the life of this mogul.

However, as Kanye himself will remind you, he can "do it better than anybody you ever seen do it." In other words, he's a word maven who perfectly captures any scenario he imagines. Who better to describe how Kanye should celebrate his 38th birthday than Kanye himself? (The answer is very clearly "no one.")

I poured over the rapper's countless (and flawless) lyrics to find the ones that best illustrate how I see Kanye spending his day. Needless to say, I imagine the rapper will be doing it up and sparing no expenses. In honor of his special day, fire up your iTunes and celebrate Kanye's birthday, Kanye-style.

"Good Morning (Intro)," Graduation


"Good morning, on this day we become legendary / Everything we dreamed of." Okay, so Kanye uses graduation as a metaphor for life, but these lyrics are pretty applicable for his birthday, too.

"Celebration," Late Registration


"Yeah, you know what this is / It's a celebration!" You know what this is: Kanye West's birthday.

"Amazing," 808s & Heartbreak


"It's amazing, I'm the reason / Everybody fired up this evening." What better lyrics to commemorate the rapper's birthday than ones that emphasize his influence? I hear you, Kanye.

"Birthday Song," 2 Chainz's Based on a T.R.U. Story


"It's my birthday, I deserve to be greedy huh?" Kanye's feature on this 2 Chainz song is literal and perfect for this occasion.

"Touch the Sky," Late Registration

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"I gotta testify / Come up in the spot lookin' extra fly / 'Fore the day I die, I'mma touch the sky." Carpe diem, Kanye-style.

"Only One"

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"Hello, my only one / Just like the morning sun / You keep on rising till the sky knows your name." Taking things down a notch, these lyrics pay tribute to Kanye's love of his family.

"Good Life," Graduation


"The good life, let's go on a living spree." Birthdays mark the passage of time, but are also an excellent excuse to evaluate the future. Let's go on a living spree, shall we?

"Power," My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy

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"I got the power to make your life so exciting." Once again, "Power" is a nod to Kanye's undeniable influence. You celebrate you, Kanye.

"Run This Town," Jay Z's The Blueprint 3

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"This the life that everybody ask for / This a fast life / We are on a crash course." Kanye's feature on this Jay song is a reminder of everything he's accomplished in the past 38 years. Here's to 38 more, 'Ye.

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