'The Real World' Is Shaking Things Up

It's pretty obvious that The Real World hasn't been real since about the mid-'90s, and MTV knows it — so, naturally, they're embracing it, and just bringing the show further away from the intriguing, interesting show it once was. In other words: Expect more hot tub threeways next season, because MTV would really like you to start watching this show again. According to The Huffington Post, The Real World now has a brand new name and concept to attract new viewers for the show's 29th season in San Francisco.

Apparently, the show will be called — wait for it — The Real World: Ex-Plosion, and will feature a group of seven strangers from different walks of life moving into a house in San Francisco together. Sounds a lot like the original 1994 season that was in San Francisco, right, with AIDs-activist Pedro Zamora and Puck? Just wait: After one month into their three-month stay in the house, the cast members will go on a trip, and when they return, they'll find that their exes have now moved into the house as well. EX-PLOSION.

Apparently, five of seven exes have agreed to move into the house.

This is the first major change that the show has undergone in its 28 years on the air. According to series co-creator Jonathan Murray to EW , this is because of changes in the world since the show originally went on air in the early '90s. "When The Real World went on the air in '92 you put seven diverse people together and you get conflict, and out of that conflict would come change, and then you have a story," he said. "Now that it’s 21 years or so later, maybe we're a bit of a victim of our own success. Diversity is a fact of life today. A lot of young people date people of different races, or have friends who are gay. The world has changed. We’ve had conversations [with the network] throughout 28 seasons of the show, but we’ve never made this big of a commitment to change."

It also probably has something to do with the fact that MTV is likely to cancel the show next year if this season doesn't do well, because ratings have been at an all-time low recently. Sooooo... kind of a last ditch attempt to save the show. As for whether or not it'll work, that remains to be seen.

Image: MTV