If Kim Kardashian & Kanye West Arent’ Naming Their Baby After A Direction, Then He Or She Could Live A Totally Different Life

We will all remember where we were the day we found out that Kim Kardashian named her firstborn daughter North West. For me, I almost thought it was a joke, and when I realized that Kim and Kanye West were serious, I was a bit annoyed that they'd give their kid a name that could lead to teasing on the expensive private school playground someday. But for the past two years, North has carried her unique name well — you know, as well as a two-year-old can carry anything — and it's grown on me... but it's definitely not the name I would have wanted Kim to choose. If you, too, aren't a fan of North's name, rejoice: Kim and Kanye aren't naming their second child after a cardinal direction.

According to what a mysterious source tells TMZ, Kim thought North would be a strong name because it's "always on top" and there isn't another direction that really comes with that kind of finesse. The good news: South West will never exist. The bad news: We now have no idea what Kim will name this baby, except for the fact that Kim and Kanye are reportedly going for something more traditional and will potentially want to include Kanye's late mom, Donda West, or Kim's late dad, Robert Kardashian, in the name, which would actually be really sweet.

And since they're going in a different direction (get it?) this time, I have a feeling it could mean that baby number two will be more traditional in other ways, too.

She or he won't be required to act as a billboard for her father

It's kind of cute that North is always donning her dad's tour stuff, but it has always felt a little like tot advertising to me, since Kanye knows every time she goes somewhere she will be photographed by a billion paparazzi and the photos will be all over the place online. Maybe this baby will be allowed to choose his or her own favorite musicians?

The toddler fashion might be toned down

Not that babies decked out in fur coats and leather pants aren't adorable, but how comfortable can this kid actually be?

Miserable fashion shows are a thing of the past

Far be it from me to understand how it's possible to be unhappy sitting on Kim Kardashian's lap between Beyonce and Anna Wintour, but I do understand that the front row of fashion week may not be ideal for babies who probably just want to nap or watch Doc McStuffins with some cookies.

But hopefully moments like this will still happen

Imagine North, Penelope, and a baby. Too precious.