Guy Carrying A Ladder Gets In Anywhere He Wants, And Could Probably Give Nicolas Cage A Run For His Money — VIDEO

Have you ever wanted to waltz right into a train station without paying for a ticket? A free movie, maybe? Or walk straight into a five star hotel? Thanks to Australian prankster Troy Kinne, we now know that you can get in anywhere as long as you're carrying a ladder! It's big and cumbersome, sure, but apparently having a ladder on you is your ticket to walking into every place or any situation with nary a question from bystanders. Troy and his buddy test the theory by walking around Melbourne, Australia, and trying to get into various places with nothing but a ladder under their arm.

The results are mildly terrifying, because nearly no one questions them. One cinema attendant is a little baffled, and a work-site foreman seems wary, but not one person attempts to stop the guys from going wherever they like. Because of the ladder, it seems. What is it about a ladder that suggests authority? Next time, I'd like to see how the boys fare at a school, parliament house, or even an airport. I refuse to believe that we live in a world where a ladder can get you in everywhere. There must be a limit. Meanwhile, here are a few of the places the guys manage to enter with their ladder:

1. A fancy restaurant

2. A movie theatre

3. A five-star hotel

4. A train station

5. A cruise

Watch the whole video below and see where else they get in:

Images: Getty Images; YouTube(5)