Blosom, The World's Tallest Cow, Is Dead, But The Gentle Giant Had A Fabulous Personality That Won't Be Forgotten — PHOTOS

Blosom was not your average domestic bovine animal; she was the same height as Jeff Goldblum. Sadly, Blosom, the world's tallest cow, died at the age of 13 after holding the title for less than a year. Standing at a towering 6 feet 4 inches, Blosom's stature was intimidating, but she was a gentle giant who had a loving relationship with her owner, Pat Hanson, who called Blosom her "best friend." After suffering a leg injury last month, Blosom was put down and laid to rest in her favorite pasture on the farm where she was raised.

Standing a whole foot taller than the average Holstein cow, Blosom was named the world's tallest cow by Guinness last October and will appear in the 2016 edition of the Guinness World Records Book. Besides being the world record holder for bovine height, Blosom also held the important title of Ambassador to Memory Lane Crafting Retreat, a gathering place for women to spend time and share in their love of quilting, knitting, scrapbooking, and other crafts. With her warm and calm presence, Blosom's job was to greet visitors as they arrived at the retreat, which was located on her farm in Orangeville, in northern Illinois.

On May 28, Hanson broke some very sad news on Blosom's Facebook page:

It is with great sadness that I share the news of Blosom’s passing. On Tuesday, May 26th, 2015, Blosom was called to graze in a more glorious pasture.It has been quite a year since she was officially measured for the Guinness World Record. The number of people that embraced and fell in love with her has been unbelievable! She made so many smile, and the world is a happier place because of her. Even though she had become a world-renowned public figure, and Guinness record holder, to me she was the beloved Greeter and Ambassador to Memory Lane Crafting Retreat, and my best friend.

Her memory will be kept alive. Thank you for welcoming my beautiful friend into your hearts. As stated on her Guinness World Record, she was ‘Officially Amazing’. Rest in peace, Blosom. You will be forever loved and missed.

For Hanson, putting Blosom down was one of the toughest decisions she's ever been faced with. After slipping and falling, seriously damaging a ligament in her back leg, Blosom wasn't expected to ever be able to stand again. Instead of letting her suffer, Hanson decided to ease her pain and send her to a better place. She wrote on Facebook:

I had to make that hard decision - I wouldn't let her suffer. It's the last act of kindness you can do for an animal you love, but it sure is hard...

Blosom has clearly touched many people's lives, as countless fans are now paying tribute after hearing the sad news of her passing. On June 5, Hudson Bizzy Bee Scrappers, who regularly visited Memory Lane, started a memorial fund for Blosom, asking supporters to donate money toward printing a life-size photo of the beloved cow so she can continue greeting visitors at the retreat. Naturally, the image will stand at 6 feet and 4 inches.

If you would like to contribute, you can send your donation directly to Memory Lane Crafting Retreat at 10006 N. Rote Rd., Orangeville, IL 61060.And let's always remember Blosom for not just her larger-than-life presence, but personality too.

Keep on grazin' in style, Blosom.

Images: Blosom/Facebook