The 15 Craziest Moments From 'Mad Men' Season 6

Season 6 of Mad Men felt like the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride dark ride at Disneyland: While it didn't have inversions or sudden plummets, the season was full of unsettling, strange, and memorable moments. Here are just some of the craziest, havoc-wreaking incidents from the season. At least Ken Cosgrove didn't walk into a explosive-rigged warehouse.


Season 6 of Mad Men felt like the Mr. Toad's Wild Ride dark ride at Disneyland: While it didn't have inversions or sudden plummets, the season was full of unsettling, strange, and memorable moments. Here are just some of the craziest, havoc-wreaking incidents from the season. At least Ken Cosgrove didn't walk into a explosive-rigged warehouse.


Season 6 should just be called "Season Whorehouse." Throughout the episodes, we saw the life young Don D./Dick W. had as an orphan at a brothel. One of the resident ladies took care of an ill Don D./Dick W., only to force herself onto him, so it wasn't always pleasant. It would've been nice to at least have seen a flashback of Don D./Dick W. enjoying a Hershey's bar. Just to see that kid smile for once.


Pete found out via a basic investigation that the seemingly perfect Bob Benson faked his way to SC&P. So who is Bob Benson? Well, so far he is: a really friendly guy who always has a coffee when you need it, Joan's BFF, and a former manservant. Pete was freaked out by Bob's friend Manolo's questionable relationship with his mother, weirded out by Bob's gay advances, and then beyond upset about Bob's indirect link to his mother's death. Whether or not Bob knew about Manolo's scheme was left unclear, but hey! At least SC&P will start running background checks for new hires.


Violence was rampant this season: assassinations, riots, and bears, oh my! (Just kidding. There wasn't a bear. I repeat: Pete Campbell was not eaten by a bear.) And then there was Abe. That guy could not catch a break. And not like, "Oh, Abe was in a nonviolent protest and wound up with pepper spray in his eyes." Abe was stabbed while casually walking home from the subway. "Whoa" you say. Well, hold on to your seat, because shortly thereafter, ol' MacGyver Olson threw together a spear, and Abe accidentally startled her while she was using it to open blinds. (Ugh, Peggy.) Whaddya know? She speared him. He's a human lightning rod... for knives.


As soon as Sally asked for a key to Mitchell Rosen's apartment to retrieve the love letter, my stomach started leaking out of my armpits. Of course, she walked in on her dad and Sylvia reconciling by way of the no-pants dance. Of course, Don's attempt at a quick-fix was to tell Sally she didn't understand what she saw. Of course, Sally won't talk to him again. Of course, I was clutching my face the entire time.


Ken went to Detroit to work with the Chevy executives, only to be repeatedly tormented. First, we saw Ken drive the drunken execs around, who had a blast firing a gun and covering poor Ken's eyes. They got into an accident, leaving Ken to walk with a cane. AND THEN! They took sweet, sweet Ken hunting. And because he has the worst luck on the planet, Ken's face ended up the victim of a hunting accident. Ken wore an eyepatch for the remainder of the season and ditched Chevy for good. Someone put that man in a bubble already.


With the intention to increase productivity over a work weekend at the office, Cutler brought in a doctor who injected speed into each of the employees. There were races around the hallways, a game of William Tell, a tap dance routine by Ken, hookups and almost-hookups for Stan, and more brothel flashbacks for Don. Little to no work was accomplished.


Betty ditched her trademark blonde coif for a dark brunette 'do. But before we could get around to positing theories as to why she did it, she went back to blonde to prepare for Henry's run for office. And Brunette Betty faded into the ether, never to be heard from again.


Pete found out, via telegram, that his mother fell off of a cruise ship and her body went M.I.A. Oh, and his mother was on the ship with her new husband MANOLO! You know when you were like, “Come on Pete, don’t hate on Manolo. He’s being sweet to your mom! He’s harmless. I trust Bob Benson. Bob Benson has a nice shorts collection and wouldn’t introduce you to any sketchy, possibly murderous characters.” YOU WERE WRONG. Pete and his brother suspected Manolo married their mother, found out their mother wasn’t rollin’ in dough and diamonds... and offed her. Yikes. Pete’s mother’s death was foreshadowed throughout the season, but I anticipated natural, not nautical, causes.


Following the “Sally copes like Don after seeing something awful through a doorway” trope, Sally was suspended from her boarding school for Don Drapering (getting drunk) and Don Drapering (getting others drunk) and Don Drapering (using a pseudonym to get what she wanted). Don’s reaction to hearing this was heartbreaking and incredible. The one-two minister punch of the drunk tank and Sally’s suspension served as an impetus for Don to quit drinking. I really, really wanted to see Don pick up a chain-smoking Sally from the school’s infirmary: “Did you learn that from me too?” “From Mom. Get over yourself.” [Sally tosses her cigarette butt on the sidewalk, grinds it into the cement with her saddle shoe and hops into the car.]


While Don was off doing speed at the office, the Draper apartment was burgled by a woman posing as "Grandma Ida." You know when you're watching a show and you're like, "I don't even know what I'm looking at anymore"? This felt like a Twilight Zone episode — there is so little we know about Don, that "Grandma Ida" could very well have been a surrogate mother. Or she was there to rob the home blind. Or the scene was all a dream. Or she was a ghost. And we didn't know if it was a dream or real until Don stumbled upon the crime scene after work. Never one to not rise to the occasion, Don handled the debacle appropriately by literally collapsing in the foyer.


Joan was made partner after she facilitated the "agreement" between SCDP/SC&P and Jaguar. Harry grew increasingly frustrated with her promotion and his lack of power. After she fired his secretary, he interrupted a partners' meeting to air his grievances and belittle Joan. He not-so-subtley dropped the Jaguar bomb on the conference room table... hoping to get promoted as well? It was insanely uncomfortable. At least he humiliated himself more than he embarrassed Joan. Silver lining, everyone!


Don and Betty went to the bone zone while visiting Bobby at camp. Oh, you're right. That's not that surprising. Betty looked good in those shorts, and Don Draper is... Don Draper. Okay, so the real wild moment was when Bobby convinced Don to sing "Father Abraham" with him in the crowded camp dining hall. I doubt Don Draper has ever sung along with his car radio, let alone belted it out in front of strangers. My mind=blown.


Don went to an L.A. party and smoked hashish while Roger was busy getting punched in the junk. He hallucinated a happy, pregnant, and Californian Megan. Just when it seemed like Don had a moment of clarity (he loves Megan! He's done with the affair! He wants to live in California! He wants to have a baby!), he watched himself floating face-down in the pool. Cut to Roger helping him out of the pool because Don nearly drowned.


During the Hershey’s pitch, Don went into one of his classic charming, adjective-laden anecdotes and sat down. It was predictable and fine. But it wasn’t truthful. He wanted to be genuine. Why not start in a pitch meeting? How poorly could this possibly go? So Don stood up, and went into whorehouse sensory recall mode in front of his colleagues and clients. Spared no detail. Everyone exchanged limited looks, even less dialogue and hastily wrapped up the meeting. Later, the partners told Don to take some time off to figure his ish out. This was like seeing the wolf’s head on Robb Stark’s body all over again. The House of Stark/Draper is seemingly finished.


Continuing his quest to be an honest guy, Don took his children to see the brothel where he grew up, leading Sally to give her father a surprisingly look of respect. I would love to watch their Thanksgiving dinner conversation. I’m going to go write some “Don Tells Sally EVERYTHING Over Canned Cranberries” fanfic now. See you later!