Dumbledore & Gandalf Got Married In A Magical Ceremony, Likely Leaving J.K. Rowling Thinking "Mischief Managed"

After Ireland passed marriage equality in May, J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series joked about how cool it would be for Gandalf, from Lord of the Rings, and Dumbledore to get married there. But she didn't know that she was about to make history, yet again. A few days after Rowling's tweet, the Westboro Baptist Church tweeted back and said they would picket the wedding if the two fictional characters actually could get married, according to BuzzFeed. Her reply was so badass that it spurred a wedding between Dumbledore and Gandalf on Sunday. Now, the luxuriously-locked duo will live happily ever after in magical matrimony.

The "wedding" was a show between two local actors who were dressed as wizards, according to Mashable. Even better, it took place at the Equality House in Topeka, Kansas, which is right across the street from the Westboro Baptist compound. Aaron Jackson, the founder of Planting Peace, the company that sponsors the Equality House, told the Huffington Post that the tweets inspired him to make the wedding a reality in order to raise money to combat the hateful messages spread by Westboro Baptist Church. Thanks to Rowling's brilliantly managed mischief, this wedding will live on as both an epic feat for book lovers and as a measure of support for the LGBT community.

Jackson told The Huffington Post that when Equality House staff read "the battle" between Rowling and the Westboro Baptist Church, they connected with what she said on many levels:

The wedding was equal parts funny and serious, as it played with jokes about characters and places in both novels, but it also shared the serious threats that still exist against the LGBT population — threats that organizations like the Westboro Baptist Church won't give up on. A video posted to YouTube by KGNC News Now recorded the wedding officiator's speech:

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The wedding served as a bit of light in a world that can be quite dark, echoing some of Dumbledore's own great wisdom: "Happiness can be found even in the darkest of times, when one only remembers to turn on the light."

Images: KGNC News Now/YouTube