If NBA Uniforms Were Designed By Fashion Brands

When he’s not dressed in his uniform and signature Under Armour Charged Foam Curry 1’s, the Golden State Warriors’ star point guard and MVP Stephen Curry is decked out in Express menswear as he is the face of the brand. But can you imagine how his basketball uniform would look if it was designed by high fashion brands? If you can’t, allow fashion illustrator Meagan Morrison to draw it out for you, literally.

Morrison sketched out 10 different NBA jerseys according to what she thought they would look like if they were designed by 10 high fashion designers, from Dolce & Gabbana to Givenchy. The cool part is that rather than simply assigning random brands to each NBA team, Morrison carefully took into consideration of each basketball teams’ hometown roots and culture in order to create a thoughtful and symbolic look to each one of her designs. For example, she mashed up Hood By Air with the Golden State Warriors, which created a perfect match of San Francisco street culture, Bay Area hyphy vibes,and high fashion.

Take a peek at some of of Morrison's incredible illustrations below and find all of them on,

Images: @TravelWriteDraw/Twitter