Karlie Drew Her Long Legs In A Body-Positive Way

Just in case anyone needs a reason why she's Taylor Swift's best friend, then this example clearly proves her awesomeness — Karlie Kloss illustrated her long legs for T: The New York Times Style Magazine and the self portrait was a truly adorable display of body confidence. With just one stick figure doodle, Kloss showed everyone how proud she is of her long legs, which she jokingly said takes up 99 percent of her body.

Kloss took part in the magazine's "Artful Questionnaire" series, where she answered a series of personality questions with her own drawings. Fellow model Chrissy Teigen illustrated the body part she'd want to change — her butt — in a previous issue, but Kloss' answer to the same question was even more evidence that she's perfectly content with the body that she was given. Her answer? "Being on time."

Having one of the best legs in history has certainly worked wonders for Kloss, especially in her modeling career. She has also used this gift to help others with the same figure as hers by collaborating with Frame on a line of denim for long-legged women back in 2013.

"I've been insecure my whole life about my height because I couldn't find clothes to fit my body," Kloss said. It looks like after just a couple of years, she's grown to love her long legs and wanted to share that with the world. Now that's the sign of a true Knockout.

Check out some of Karlie Kloss' T Magazine illustrations below:

Here's Karlie and her amazing legs IRL:


Image: mykarlie/Instagram; Getty