On World Ocean Day, Channel Your Inner-Mermaid With These 5 Gorgeous Ocean-Inspired Pieces

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA - DECEMBER 19: 'Mermaid' Hannah Fraser swims in the new exhibit at Sydney Aquarium built to house dugongs Pig and Wuru on December 19, 2008 in Sydney, Australia. The exhibit will open to the general public on December 19, featuring the 2 orphaned marine animals which have been relocated from Sea World. (Photo by Mark Kolbe/Getty Images)
Source: Mark Kolbe/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Happy World Oceans Day! Whether you live by a coastline or not, you can still celebrate what is obviously the best holiday ever with your look. Rock any of these clothing pieces or accessories to instantly transform yourself into a mermaid. Or least feel a bit like one. Plus, let's be real, when am I ever gonna turn down an excuse to wear dolphin hair clips? Here are 5 gorgeous ocean-inspired pieces that'll have you feeling, and maybe even looking, like Ariel. 

Shell Ring

Everything about this ring is just so soothing, peaceful, and elegant. Maybe you’d even hear the ocean if you stuck it up to your ear.

(Sunrise Shell Ring, $86, Kaleimaeole/Etsy)

Dolphin Hair Clips

Eeeeeep the best the best the best. These are sold as a set for mothers and babies, but whatever. Totally just going to wear all of them at once instead. 

(Dolphin Clips, $7.50, HotDogCrafts/Etsy)

Ocean Yoga Pants

These yoga pants are such a fun, playful screen print. Downward dog? More like downward, uhm, sea turtle? I’ll see myself out… 

(Blue Sea Ocean Splash Yoga Pants, $24, GrabMyLook)

Starfish Headband

OK, it’s really sad when starfish die, but at least this woman honors them by making beautiful headbands! Each one screams outdoor music fest. 

(Starfish Headband, $8, Neverland Beachwear

Kimono Cover Up

This gorgeous boho vibe coverup is perfect for the beach if it’s nearby, but I also wouldn’t be opposed to tossing it over a tank and black leggings for a casual morning coffee run. It looks so soft and breezy. *sigh*

(Kimono Coverup, $30, Neverland Beachwear)