Kelli O'Hara's Backstage Team Was SO Impressive

Even though the 2015 Tony Awards had its share of awkward moments, there were also a lot of things going on backstage that just made the wonderful ceremony run smooth as can be. Particularly, Kelli O'Hara's speedy changing team that helped her get out of four layers of skirts and into a beautiful Cinderella-looking gown.

The best way to describe this process was done perfectly by one of the commenters on the YouTube video who said the changing team worked was like a NASCAR pitstop crew. It seriously looked like one because as soon as O'Hara came backstage, she was surrounded by various backstage staffers. O'Hara immediately started ripping off the four hefty layers of her poofy skirt and unbuttoning her paisley-print top to unveil an strapless, undergarment onesie. And if you thought that was intense, you'll be blown away at the complications of the next step: putting on the two-piece evening gown.

O'Hara hopped into the pre-layered skirt as four other backstage staffers helped to button everything from her skirt to her top. The backstage helpers were holding dimly lit, mini flashlights in their mouths as they laced up her corset and zipped up the dress so O'Hara could go back out onto the stage with an entirely new outfit in less than a minute. Don't believe me? Check out the video!

Image: sarah_forestieri/Instagram

Video: The Tony Awards Backstage/YouTube