Self-Taught Cat Plays The Theremin

Theremins, if we're being totally honest, look and sound kinda like things plopped down to earth from celestial beings with no instruction manuals. I suppose, in a few ways, cats are fairly similar. If we continue this thought process (and why wouldn't we?) it makes complete sense that this cat plays the theremin, albeit not with much practiced grace.

Sure, Jimmy Page finagled a way to make a theremin sound deliberate and quite good on Led Zeppelin's "Whole Lotta Love" (there is an actual theremin solo, which, IDK...#drugs). I do not have a whole lotta theremin playing experience, but I did fiddle around with one on the display floor at Asheville's Moog factory. My conclusions? It is not an instrument easily picked up an mastered. At least it was not an instrument easily picked up and mastered by me. Some instruments you can wail around on and it isn't immediately obvious you have no idea what you're doing. (I'm looking at you, electric organs with a bajillion pedals—specifically the one in my Appalachian grandmother's mountain woman home.) The theremin is not one of these. Regardless, this ambitious feline makes a go at this alien musical device and although the product isn't something I'd play on repeat, I'd give the gesture an A+ for effort.

Perhaps I oughta back up just a bit to clarify what a theremin is. It's an instrument not controlled by physical contact. Instead, it's controlled by two antennas and physical contact ("your hand" or, in this situation, "a cat paw") in relation to that. It sounds pretty wild. Especially when the cat takes a stab at it:

See what I mean? Room for improvement for sure—but isn't that all of us? Here's another animal involved with theremin performance:

I know, I know. That's nightmare material, but I had to share. To help wash that clean, here's some cute (living) animals rocking out:

This cat band

Yes. There is a very real band comprised of only cats who play music you can hear with human ears. And yes. I saw them in Atlanta. And loved it.

This guitar playing dog

I need this poodle to go on tour so I can see him live. Or at least be hirable for my next birthday party.

This hot mess

This anchor is my new least favorite person of the moment, but an orangutang plays toy piano here. So, there is that.

Images: YouTube(2)