Will 'Married At First Sight' Get A Season 3?

I'll admit it: I have an obsession with Married at First Sight. I may have gotten into the first season a little late — leading to a weekend where I did nothing but marathon all the episodes — but I've been hanging onto Season 2 like my life depended on it. June 9 is the big day when the couples decide whether they want to stay married or get divorced, and then, other than the reunion, we're officially out of new episodes for awhile. The good news? It looks like Married At First Sight being renewed for Season 3 is very likely!

Although FYI and A&E have yet to announce whether or not they renewed the show, casting for the next season has already begun, so I'd say the chances of seeing another season are pretty good. It appears that they're looking for couples in Atlanta instead of New York this time, which is definitely going to be an interesting change of pace. And, according to the offical application for the show, the casting directors are seriously covering all of their bases. Applicants are asked to disclose links to all of their social media accounts, plus answer a ton of super personal questions about their romantic pasts. Obviously, answers to questions like these are necessary if the experts are going to pair them with the right person, but apparently being open about everything starts long before people who want to take part in this experiment ever appear on camera.

Unfortunately, if you're in love with the couples from Season 1, like I am, there's some bad news, too — According to Ashley's Reality Roundup, the folks at A&E have confirmed that Married at First Sight: The First Year hasn't been renewed for Season 2. Bummer!

I'll miss those couples — especially Doug and Jamie, who are my favorite — but I'm excited to meet the new ones in the rumored Season 3. It'll be interesting to see how they handle the experiment being that they've had the chance to see two rounds of people go through it first. Will they learn from everyone else's mistakes, or will they do their own thing? These future relationships have a lot more potential if they pick up on what they should do differently from the first sets of people in the experiment.

And obviously, before we even begin to worry about Season 3, we have to get through the nail-biting final episode of Season 2. Who's getting divorced? Who's staying together? I need answers!

Image: FYI