7 Grown-Ass Apartment Decorating Hacks

by Kat George

At some point your apartment needs to look like a grown up lives there. You can get away with not having a bed frame and drinking wine out of mugs in your early 20s, but there comes a point (let's say 25 and older) where that kind of thing just isn't cute anymore. Hopefully, most of us were raised well enough that we know how to pick up a dusting rag and take out the garbage regularly, and know how to generally housekeep in a grown up manner. For those who feel a little overwhelmed at the thought of living in a grown-ass adults apartment, BuzzFeed has come up apartment decorating hacks to impress your house guests.

Mark my words: There will come a time where the person you bring home from the bar will leave, before ever taking their clothes off, when they find out your couch is an old bean-bag you found on the street and that you lap water out of the sink like a dog because you have three cups and they're all dirty. The beauty of "getting it together", however, is that no one actually has it together. It's an ILLUSION. And illusions are easier to create for yourself than reality. You might not be able to remember when your next dentist appointment is, but people will believe you've got it all worked out if you have clean dry towels hanging in your bathroom. There's not a whole lot of logic to it, but just remember: Looking like a grown-ass adult is the only thing you need to do to make people believe you actually are one.

Here are some apartment hacks you can try to make it seem like a grown-ass adult lives where you live:

1. Add plants to the decor

2. Put food in jars and display them

3. Put your liquor on a bar cart

4. Decorate your couch with throw pillows

5. Put some candles around the apartment

6. Experiment with lighting

7. Decorate the walls with nice things like photos and art

Watch the whole (hilariously mean) video below:

Images: Giphy(1); YouTube (10)