Jon Stewart Tackles That McKinney Pool Party

Last Friday, a typical summer pool party in a Texas suburban neighborhood ended with an aggressive arrest that's caused outrage across the country. A white cop in McKinney, Texas pulled out his gun on a group of black teenagers and forced a 14-year-old girl in a bikini to the ground after a neighbor called to complain that the kids had crashed the party. Many found the footage of the scene, captured by a bystander, to be incredibly disturbing. So, naturally, Jon Stewart addressed the McKinney pool arrest, and of course, as he's previously been when discussing racial inequality and police brutality in America, he was right on point.

Stewart opened his segment by excitedly announcing that "June is here!" And you know what that means — summer pool parties! He even presents the news in a new segment titled "Jon Stewart's Summertime Sunny News Slip N' Slide!" There's a happy sun and palm trees in the banner — you can practically smell the sunscreen. "What fun summer story are we covering tonight?" Stewart asks the audience, who, if they're at all familiar with Stewart's brand of humor, will know that this whole summertime news schtick is indisputable sarcasm. Because the story of the night is the McKinney pool arrest, which is anything but sunny.

As these GIFs by Mashable shows, the arrest was excessively aggressive:

How do you go from a pool party to this?!
When I say Marco, you say Polo, motherf***ers!

Stewart then shows clips of the footage, in which the officer, who has been identified as David Eric Casebolt, yells at the teenage girl to get on the ground.

In that clip, he is telling her to get her ass on the ground, and I believe it is literally on the ground. Not only is he an asshole, he's redundant.

Then, trying to get to the bottom of how the incident started, Stewart relays what the "white witnesses" said, that the group of black kids were from another part of town and had shown up without permission. Is that true? Not according to this clip, Stewart says.

Jahda Bakari, a young black girl, and her dad reveal that they've been visiting the McKinney pool for years and she has a membership pass. She tells the anchor that many of the other teens present during the arrest also have pool passes and also live in the area. That is a very different account than the witnesses' claims of hooliganism that prompted the arrest.

Luckily, nobody was seriously hurt in the arrest, so Stewart was able to end his segment on indeed a sunnier note. After showing a clip of officer Casebolt doing a "Parkour summersault," as seen in this Mashable GIF, Stewart gave credit where credit's due.

That was some Starsky and Hutch shit.

Images: Comedy Central, Mashable