Pizza Hut May Be Releasing This New Menu Item

Pizza Hut is a fast food staple of any pizza enthusiast, but their menu might be getting even more exciting soon — even to the average foodie. There's a rumor circling that Pizza Hut's Hot Dog Stuffed Crust Pizza might be coming to the U.S., combining two of your favorite foods in an incredibly tasty way. This menu item is already available internationally in Australia, New Zealand, Luxembourg, and South Korea; but if the rumors are true, we might have something new (if a little odd) to look forward to stateside in the future.

A Pizza Hut employee told Kotaku about the release of the Hot Dog Stuffed Pizza Crust; furthermore, an eagle-eyed reader sent The Impulsive Buy a photo of a promo flyer that suggests the rumor is true. According to these anonymous sources, stores in the Atlanta area have already received stock to start building these pizza-hot dog hybrid creations. The flyer says that "something big" is about to hit Pizza Hut stores on June 18th; it also features a a mustard packet adorned with a Venn diagram combining a slice of pizza and a hot dog, along with the phrase "Frankly, it's going to be a game changer." Although nothing has been officially confirmed, for me, all signs point to "yes."

But, just in case these rumors never come to fruition, you can still make a hot dog stuffed pizza creation of your own. Here are three ways to do it — because a little culinary experimentation never hurts, right?

1. The Double Stuffed Pizza Dog

BuzzFeed Food created a short tutorial a few months ago teaching us all how to create the Double Stuffed Pizza Dog. What exactly is it? Imagine a hot dog, cheese, and pepperoni, all piled in a hot dog bun and baked. Sounds pretty delicious to me!

2. The Cheese-Stuffed Crust Pizza

If you want to create a pizza with a hot dog crust stuffing, all you have to do is roll out your dough, place the contents of your curst on top, and roll a second dough layer over of this topping, to create a thick, stuffed crust. This video shows you how to do it with cheese but you could easily substitute this for a hot dog (or a couple of hot dogs chopped into pieces, because honestly, I have no idea where you'd find a hot dog big enough to cover the entire circumference of a pizza).

3. Pizza-Hot Dog Sandwich

If you want an even easier way to create this pizza dog combination yourself, simple take a slice of pizza and fold it around your hot dog to create a sort of pizza and hot dog taco kind of thing. I'm wondering why I didn't think to do this sooner? It seems like such a simple but delicious idea.

Images: Jeremy Hazen; Nick Carvalho/YouTube; BuzzFeed Food/Facebook