Michelle Phan Launches Ipsy Open Studios

If you've ever uploaded a beauty tutorial video, you know that without any supporters or a huge social media following, your contouring how-to might just end up a perfectly made-up whisper in the wind. But now, one of the most famous Youtube beauty vloggers, Michelle Phan, is launching Ipsy Open Studios, which aims to help make all of her followers YouTube famous.

Back in September 2012, Michelle Phan, one of the world's most well known beauty vlogger, started the cosmetic sampling service, Ipsy, a company that boasts an average of $120 million in annual sales. If you're not familiar with Ipsy and it's trademark "Glam Bag," here's the concept: For $10 a month, subscribers receive a sack full of sample-sized beauty goodies. Now, Phan is kicking her brand up a notch by expanding the company to include Ipsy Open Studios, a studio space filled with everything a budding young vlogger needs to achieve YouTube fame — including professional lighting and soundstages, green screens, editing equipment, beauty mentors, and even software to create apps.

If you think need a pretty penny for access to such lovely beauty content, you'd be oh so wrong. Phan is giving it all away for free!

Ipsy Open Studios is available to those with a free membership, obtained through a vetting process that assess each applicants skill with the makeup brush and mascara wand. "There is no exclusivity, no contract, and we take no commission,” says cofounder Marcelo Camberos told Allure. “The future of beauty is in these influencers, so we think that if we’re close to them, it will pay off in spades down the road for us.”

So if you fancy yourself the future of YouTube beauty stardom, apply for access to Ipsy Open Studios and maybe Michelle Phan will give you your very own social media makeover. But be warned — the program received 1,000 applications within the very first hour of its launch. So while you're waiting for yours to get processed, check out these media empire building tips and tricks from Michelle Phan herself — and then start chasing your own beauty dreams.