Ed Sheeran Says Listening to Eminem Helped Him Get Over His Stutter, So Here's Proof That Rapping Worked — VIDEOS

You'd never know it now, but when Ed Sheeran was a kid, he had a serious stutter — not exactly ideal for someone who wants to make a career out of using his voice. But instead of letting his speech issues be a roadblock, they ended up being what led him to his chosen career, and it's all because of the man formerly known as Marshall Mathers. No, seriously. While speaking at Monday's American Institute for Stuttering's Freeing Voices Changing Lives Benefit Gala, Sheeran revealed that listening to Eminem rap as a child helped him get over his stutter, even if he was memorizing lyrics that was super inappropriate for a nine-year-old to hear.

Sheeran, who is obviously now a super talented musician, also took the opportunity to remind the audience that being the "weird kid" usually has its advantages, because said weird kids usually end up being successful adults later on in life.

It's so interesting that Sheeran got over his stutter by being a tiny Eminem-in-training, mostly because he's rapped flawlessly on so many songs in his career. Listening to these songs, you'd never know that he used to struggle with his speech. Music is a seriously good aid if you have to deal with a stutter, too, and these songs prove it.

"Take It Back"

Sheeran rapping is my favorite thing ever, and this song is a perfect example of it.

"You Need Me, I Don't Need You"

Ed Sheeran on YouTube

No matter how many times I attempt to rap this song alone in my car, I will never sound as good as Sheeran does. Bonus: The entire music video is in sign language, which is really cool.

"All About It"

Hoodie Allen on YouTube

In collaborating with Hoodie Allen, Sheeran gets to show off his rap chops again, and it's amazing. Also, the costumes don't hurt.

"The Man"

Ed Sheeran on YouTube

This song, from Sheeran's second album, X, is a different style of rapping than what he usually does, but it's still just as amazing.

Sheeran is obviously super talented, and he's right: If you're a weird kid, you'll be an awesome adult. Case closed.