Brittany Snow Has Music Chops To Bring To CMT

One of the biggest nights in country music is almost upon us. However, some surprising faces are leading it. Can 2015 CMT Awards host Brittany Snow sing? I'm not saying the host has to pick up a guitar and start strumming, but it wouldn't hurt.

As a fan of Brittany Snow, part of me wants to scream "of course she can sing!" However, I recognize my own bias here. Music comes in many genres with many subsets of fans that don't often intersect. So let me assure y'all that unlike her hosting partner, Erin Andrews, the Pitch Perfect star has been singing on screen for years. Brittany Snow has been in multiple musical films and a musical television show. While she has appeared in several music videos, I'm honestly surprised that Brittany Snow has never released a single or an album. Good on her for following a focussed acting career, I suppose.

How any of this relates to country music is beyond me as well, but I'm not one to judge. She's never sung any country music or even made a guest appearance on Nashville — which is surprising considering that show's penchant for musical theatre actors. Brittany Snow plays fictional rock and roll star Jody Sinclair in the 2014 filmAlways Woodstock. That's closer, but still not exactly twangy.

However, not only is she an experienced musical performer, but she's also an experienced host, having hosted NBC's Christmas in Rockefeller Center way back in 2002. Still unconvinced? Here are a few clips of Brittany Snow's musical history to prove she's a worthy host of the Country Music Awards.

Christmas Caroling For "Funny or Die"

Okay, so her singing is not exactly on point in this parody, but you can tell that she's putting it on and actually has a strong voice.

The "Pool Mashup" from Pitch Perfect


The Late Late Show With James Corden

Check out this lovely clip of the Pitch Perfect 2 cast making aca-magic with Reggie Watts.

"My Boyfriend's Back" from the series American Dreams

I never watched this show, but I always wanted to and this clip proves that I was in the wrong. What's more fun than 60s pop music backed up by Brittany Snow and future Glee star Vanessa Lengies!

"The New Girl In Town" from the movie Hairspray

Thankfully, American Dreams helped launch Brittany Snow into leading musical roles even after it was canceled. Usually, as a musical theatre "purist" I'm not a fan of new songs added to movie musical adaptations. However, all of Shaiman and Wittman's new tunes for the Hairspray movie were on point — especially this one that features Snow!