British Fashion Award Nominees and Why We Love Them, Part 2

Yesterday we gazed adoringly at fashion powerhouses like Florence Welch, Cara Delevingne, and Anna Wintour; today, we turn our attention to the second half of Britain's most fashionable citizens. The list is overflowing with major names and indie up-and-comers; we can't imagine who will walk away with the award, but we may be slightly biased towards a certain Mrs. Hince. Remember, you can cast a vote for your favorite until midnight!

Helena Bonham Carter

Monica Schipper/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Actress known for her wild hair and wilder roles (Bellatrix Lestrange, Madame Thénardier, Miss Havisham, Queen of Hearts, etc.). Married to, and often collaborates with, Tim Burton.

Style: Witchy chic. Rarely will you see the original Mrs. Carter with a blowout; she tends to dress more like the characters she plays; think strange bows in her hair, ragged-looking necklines, and creepy-doll get-ups. She's no slick fashion plate, but her style is all her own, and that in and of itself is deserving of an award.

Vote Bonham Carter because: believe that art imitates life imitates art.

HRH Duchess of Cambridge

Nicky Loh/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Kate Middleton, yo.

Style: Clean, fresh, flattering embodiment of royal British style. She favors Jenny Packman gowns, nude or wedge heels, glossy hair, and small clutches, but isn't above jeans and a Ralph Lauren blazer. She has yet to make a fashion misstep.

Vote Duchess of Cambridge because: understand how much work it is to look so consistently perfect.

Idris Elba

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Actor and musician, most notably appeared as Stringer Bell in The Wire and Detective Luther in Luther.

Style: Very well-groomed facial hair. Appeared on the cover of GQ. Looks good in everything from a beanie to a suit to a really, really unbuttoned button-down.

Vote Elbra because: like men to be gentlemen in public and "devious" behind closed doors (his words, not mine).

Jamie Dornan

Evan Agostini/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Another actor who I personally recognize as the hot but prematurely killed sherriff of Once Upon a Time.

Style: Usually a little scruffy (what's with all these British actors and their scruff?). Definitely modeled for Calvin Klein underwear, but looks adorable in cold-weather clothes like thick sweaters and coats with popped collars.

Vote Dornan because: appreciate a man who looks like he just came in from the wilds of Northern Ireland.

Jamie Hince

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? 1/2 of the indie rock duo The Kills, famously married to the woman in the next slide.

Style: Tight rocker pants, tons of scarves. He kind of looks like a older, more sophisticated version of Pete Wentz.

Vote Hince because:'re delusional enough to think that he's more stylish than his wife?

Kate Moss

Danny Martindale/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? The icon herself. Probably the most famous model working today.

Style: She was the poster girl for the heroin-chic movement of the '90s, she's designed for Topshop, and she has a CFDA fashion influence award. Despite modeling for every big name ever, her style is all her own, full of vintage finds, bohemian elements, and skinny jeans.

Vote Moss because: ...who else is there?


Ben Gabbe/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Singer, rapper, philanthropist.

Style: The swag Justin Bieber wishes he had. Hoodies, sunglasses, bright colors, lots of gold, big earrings, printed pants, and an awesome collaboration with Versus Versace.

Vote M.I.A. if: like style that's bold and unapologetic.

Naomie Harris

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Actress; lead of 28 Days Later, supporting roles in Skyfall and the second and third Pirates of the Caribbean movies.

Style: Lovely red carpet gowns that aren't afraid to take risks — think sheer skirts, side cut-outs, broad shoulders.

Vote Harris because: like celebrities who wear gowns straight off the runway.

Susie Lau

Ilya S. Savenok/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? The girl behind Style Bubble, one of the OG fashion bloggers.

Style: Eclectic and high fashion-obsessed, as you'd expect from a style blogger. A lot of statement shoes, a lot of volume.

Vote Lau because: like to see style pushed toward the conceptual, even on the street.

Tinie Tempah

Zak Hussein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Who? Rapper; his second album, Demonstration, is out this month.

Style: Adorable geek glasses, clean lines, and a love of colorful accents and outerwear (Google Image search him and you'll see bright orange scarves and bright orange jackets).

Vote Tempah because: should wear more bright colors — and way more flowers in their lapels.