Shop The Shoes Kourtney Wore For Kayne's Birthday

There were some great fashion moments from Kanye’s big birthday bash, because that's just what happens when the Kardashians/Jenners/Wests are all in one room. And guess what — Kourtney Kardashian’s boots from Kanye's party are affordable! Thankfully, the lace-up boots happen to be the best part of her outfit, IMO, and they're probably the only item that happens to be within reach for most of us.

Kardashian had some major baller status style (pun intended) going on in her stunna shades, black leather jacket, and those shoes. Thankfully, because the shoes are Kardashian Kollection (a.k.a. affordable), you too can walk around in some good-enough-to-wear-to-Kanye’s-birthday-party type kicks. So, umm, if you’re jumping up and down right now, I don’t blame you!

The Deville Black Suede boots, as they’re called, are available on the Kardashian Kollection website and will run you $149.95 if you want to score a pair of your own. So, not super cheap, but hey — they look so so so good, and how often can you afford the exact pair of anything worn by a Kardashian, you know?

All I have to say, is you better seize this moment. Carpe diem, or whatever equivalent phrase applies to shoes. Basically, you just have to get them, stat.

Take a look at how Kardashian wore them:

And now get a pair for yourself!

Deville Suede Boot, $149.95

How will you style your new Kardashian-approved look?

Images: Kardashian Kollection