This 'Daredevil' Casting News Is Major

by Emily Lackey

Netflix just revealed a major tidbit of news for Daredevil fans, and it's one that is making viewers everywhere even more pumped for the show's second season. It was announced today that Jon Bernthal, former star of The Walking Dead, will be joining the cast of Daredevil as The Punisher — aka, the badass vigilante who goes to some pretty extreme lengths to fight crime. Think: murder, torture, extortion, etc. You know: Fun stuff.

The news was announced this afternoon after days of casting rumors, so anticipation for this reveal was understandably high. In recent days there had been rumors circulating that Jason Statham was in talks to join the show as Bullseye, another Marvel villain, but it was recently released that those discussions had ended.

Statham or no Statham, though, news that Bernthal is in for Season 2 is more than enough good news for Daredevil fans to get excited over — which is why it's good to see that a good chunk of them are taking to Twitter to share their enthusiasm. Considering anticipation was so high for this reveal, fans immediately went wild on Twitter when the news broke — and they, for the most part, perfectly describe how major this is. Most of the reactions are straight-up pumped:

But even reluctant fans who were maybe holding out for Statham or someone more Colin Farrell-esque are coming around:

And then there's the fans who are just losing their minds, but still thinking clearly enough to make level-headed requests like this one:

I mean, it's pretty much necessary, right? Jon Bernthal is a dreamboat.

Here's to the hottest season of Daredevil yet!