Steal Katniss' 'Mockingjay, Part 2' Battle Look

If you're ready for the second half of the final film interpretation of the Hunger Games trilogy, Mockingjay Part 2, put three fingers up in the air. Now the real question is: Do you have Katniss' all-black battle look from the Mockingjay, Part 2 trailer? You have some time to prep your costume for the midnight premiere, since the movie doesn't hit theaters until November, but you should probably start getting things together now. I must warn you though, this head-to-toe black outfit is not made for hot summer weather so don't get too excited and wear it right now, unless you're in a fully air-conditioned room.

Alright tribute, the first piece you're going to have to get is an all-black leather suit (pleather works too). A great option is the faux leather jumpsuit from Pink Queen. The next essential piece you'll need are some black boots. Avoid the ones that go over your knees and don't even think about getting ones with heels because you need to be able to run in them. Stumped? Here's a trustworthy pair that'll get you to and from the cornucopia before Snow can even think about spotting you: Dolce Vita's Mayden boots.

Most importantly, however, is the smoky eye makeup look that you need to nail Katniss' fierce and fearless tribute look.

(NY Classic Cat Eye Kit, $54,

I recommend the NY Classic smoky eye set from the Nicky Hilton and Smashbox collaboration. Now you're ready. Be sure to rock this look on November 20 and you'll surely turn heads at the theaters.

Images: The Hunger Games/YouTube (2)