'Veronica Mars' Cases Would Be So Different Today

Finally, after dreaming about it since the series ended in 2007, the Veronica Mars movie came into our lives in 2014 and gave fans the chance to see the former teen private eye turn into a lawyer — and then back into a private eye. Returning to the investigative life means that Veronica will be facing totally new mysteries, because in case you haven't noticed, a lot has changed in the past eight years. From missing Tinder dates and Facebook stalkers to finding a culprit via Instagram photos and Vines, the P.I. would need more than her trusty DSLR to crack modern cases.

As much as I loved seeing Veronica all grown-up in the movie, I can't help but wonder what the original TV series would be like if it were airing now. What would Neptune High School look like in 2015? What kind of perps would Veronica be chasing down? What crimes would she be solving? It's safe to say Keith Mars would be totally out of his element, but with help from Wallace and Mac, Veronica would be just as capable today as she was in the early aughts — if not even more so.

Here are the mysteries Veronica would be effortlessly solving today.

YouTube Vlog Clues

One of Veronica's classmates at Neptune High goes missing and all they have to go on are the clues she left behind in her vlogs. Our favorite P.I. watches them all — reluctantly — and figures out that everything isn't all that it seemed with this girl.

Tinder Impersonator

Someone is going on Tinder and impersonating 09ers, which gets the popular, wealthy clique super annoyed, because nerds and outsiders think they're going on dates and forging bonds with the upper class. Veronica's not a huge fan of keeping the class system the way it is, but once someone impersonates her on the app, it gets personal.

Clickbait Hottie List

Lists on the internet are the new hot thing, haven't you heard? What if Neptune High had its own list-filled site pop up and one of the articles centered on the town's hottest folks? Author unknown, of course. Making the list is a point of pride for some, while not making the list (ahem, Logan) has some folks wondering about their image — until Veronica discovers the list is not at all what it seems.

Deconstructing The Party

One of my favorite "news stories" from The Onion is the one where there's a fire in an NYU dorm and the video shows authorities deconstructing the fire using the college kids' social media videos and photos — of which there are tons. Now with Instagram, Vine, and even Periscope, I'd love to see Veronica solve a mystery at a party via all the crazy drunken media that it produced during the night.

An App-etite For Stealing

Neptune is a town filled with smart kids and high-tech companies, so what if one of Veronica's classmates comes up with a totally rad innovative app — but several other kids claims he stole the idea? Our favorite P.I. would get dragged into solving the case. Well, actually, this might require her (future) law degree.

Mysterious Texter

What if Neptune students started getting mysterious texts about their lives and secrets from someone named "A"? A certain group of girls seems to be targeted the most and they think it's their friend who recently died. But not everything will be what it seems with "A" and the girls themselves...

Whoops, I think that show is called Pretty Little Liars. Perhaps they should look into hiring modern-day Veronica to solve that mystery once and for all.

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