This 60-Year-Old Woman's Hip Hop Dance Routine To "Uptown Funk" Will Slay You Dead — VIDEO

How old are you, and how much energy do you have? If you're anything like me, the answer is 30 and medium. If you're anything like the amazing woman you're about to see in the following video, you're 60 and a lot. Dance teacher Shirley Clements proved age ain't nothing but a number when the 60-year-old woman danced to "Uptown Funk," joining her class in their seriously kick ass routine. And she does it with more attitude, and better moves, than her students. She's like Yoda going in for the fight. She's taught her young Padawans everything she can, but she's still the master.

Probably my favorite thing about this is her amazing facial expressions as she punches out every dance move with amazing precision. Or maybe her glittery top. Or pink sweats. I don't know. I'm getting confused. There's way too much good stuff here. Especially how at the end of the dance, she spins on her head. Yeah, you read that right. Getting to do what the rest of us only wish we could, the student dancers all swarm her in warm celebration once the routine is over, further warming cockles everywhere. If only we could all be this cool at 60:


Watch the amazing dance below:

Artistic Edge Dance Academy on YouTube

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With age comes wisdom. And also mad dance skills.

Image: YouTube