Kate Middleton's Secret To Wearing Heels All Day

Ever wonder how the Dutchess of Cambridge endures standing in high heels for hours on end? No, she's not a superhuman — Kate Middleton wears Alice Bow Insoles, which are her secret to comfortably rocking heels like it ain't no thing. Royalty: they're just like us, insoles and all!

When you become a member of the royal family, you must look the part of royalty — it comes with the title. Obviously Dutchess Kate has done an outstanding job in that department, emerging as a major style icon in both the political and the pop culture world. And of course she doesn't go anywhere without her favorite fashion staple — high heels (even while 8 months pregnant)! Those insoles must be reeeeal comfortable.

The specific UK brand responsible for cushioning Middleton's feet is Alice Bow Insoles. These Italian leather, hand-crafted soles integrate orthopedic padding into the heel to provide superior long-lasting comfort. According to US Weekly, "Kate recently bought several pairs of Alice Bow insoles at the Selfridges department store in London. She picked up versions of the insole for both flat shoes and heels in an assortment of colors." So Middleton does wear flats?! I am having a hard time picturing that. Hopefully we'll get a peek at a photo soon.

Here is a pair of Aqua Alice Bows. Aren't they cute? Available to shop at

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

I give her major props. If I was pregnant wearing 4 inch heels, I wouldn't look this happy.

Images: Getty, Alice Bows