9 Awesome Ways To Embrace The Concrete Decor Trend

Looking to give your space a quick and easy industrial makeover? Then these concrete decor ideas are for you. Compiled by the DIY masterminds at Hometalk, these projects are surprisingly easy to pull off — not to mention incredibly cheap. From colorful plant stands to candle holders to one of the coolest DIY lampshades you've ever seen, here's everything you need to give your home an immediate makeover. The concrete trend is hot right now and it's not going anywhere, so you might as well get your creative juices flowing.

With the rising popularity of industrial style in the home decor universe, concrete has become the trendy material of choice for many chic homeowners and renters. Because it’s so inexpensive and easy to use, DIYers are using concrete to cover furniture, fill molds, and decorate their space in any way that they can.

This heavy duty trend is one that’s not going anywhere soon, so if you haven’t jumped on the train yet, it’s time to board! Here are nine awesome concrete projects to start up your love affair with the stuff, whether in the garden or in the home. No need for hardhats — these crafts are beginner-friendly, even for the inexperienced DIYer.

1. Make a colorful plant stand

With just $5 dollars and a bucket, make your own industrial-meets-modern plant stand, perfect for displaying sweet succulent terrariums or other greenery. This simple design works well indoors and out, and you can personalize the look by painting the legs to match your decor.

Project via Amanda @Dwelling in Happiness

2. Press pretty leaves into DIY stepping stones

Add personalized stepping stones to your flower beds by creating circular molds and pressing interesting leaves of all different sizes into your concrete mixture. These little disks of summer beauty will be the perfect contrast to your flourishing garden.

Project via Stephanie @Garden Therapy

3. Get geeky with geometric planters

Make a free mold using pieces of a cut up cardboard box and tape for this sharp planter design that will look amazing perched on a bookshelf or arranged atop a coffee table. There’s so much versatility with this craft, you can test out what look you like best.

Project via Brent and Courtney @Gray House Studio

4. Update an outdated vanity

Is your bathroom vanity looking a little, well, decrepit? When a piece of furniture has good bones but it’s exterior is starting to fade, give it a stylish budget update, with a brand new concrete covered top!

Project via Tasha @Designer Trapped in a Lawyer’s Body

5. Upcycle some elegant candle holders

Using empty Pringles containers or coffee cans, make tall candle holders that make a statement in any room. After you’ve poured your concrete and let it dry, use spray paint or any medium of your choice to dress up your DIY.

Project via Rhonda @Sprouts and Stuff

6. Create a double duty piece

No one says you have to choose just one craft — in fact, this clever DIYer made two identical concrete molds that serve double duty. Create your own pieces using upcycled containers, and fill one with tea lights and the other with succulents or tiny cacti.

Project via June @Nostaliecat

7. Cover a boring table top

Give your sweet wood furniture an edgy update by coating the table top in concrete. That rough, grey finish is just the trick to bring out the lustrous wood details, and it will certainly give your space a dose of industrial personality.

Project via Sara @Sincerely Sara D

8. Build a bubbling garden fountain

Use an old globe to make a concrete garden feature that will change the way you enjoy your outdoors. By adding a bubbling concrete fountain to your flower bed, you can give your garden a hint of that dreamy cottage charm, without turning absolutely vintage.

Project via Charlotte @Ciburbanity

9. Design your own high-impact lamp shade

Give your home a heavy dose of modern, with this high-impact concrete lamp shade trimmed with gold leaf. If you’re new to concrete crafts, this designer look is sure to reshape your space, and it costs just $15 to make.

Project via June @Nostalgiecat

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