How To Make Your Own Leggings Really Easily

Shopping for the perfect pair of pants is hard, so why not make your own? Lucky for us, popular Youtuber The Crafty Gemini (aka, Vanessa) has an extremely short (15 minutes!) and easy to follow DIY leggings tutorial on her channel. If you've ever been the type to leave a dressing room exasperated because your pants are too short or the waistline is too tight, she makes a strong case for investing in your own sewing machine.

It sounds like a daunting idea, but all it requires is some stretchy fabric, scissors, and a few pins and needles. You can even take your favorite pair of Lululemons and use them as a guide to construct your own leg wear. Talk about saving money.

And the tutorial isn't just for one size! Because you can customize them to fit you as you please, it doesn't matter whether you're a size 6 or 16 — Crafty Gemini proves any woman can make her own clothes at whatever size.

"You don't have to be super small or petite or a size two to create your own clothes," she says in the video. "It's real simple!" Easy, cheap, and body positive? Sign me up!

So, let's take it from the Crafty Gemini: nothing fits you better than something you made yourself. Here's a break down of the steps whenever you're ready to dive in.

1) Assemble your arsenal.

You'll need an extra pair of leggings, a large spread of paper, stretchy spandex fabric, scissors or rotary cutters, jersey needles, a walking foot (for the sewing machine), thread, and a one-inch elastic band.

2) Make a pattern with your existing leggings.

Take that, expensive-ass leggings.

3) Take said pattern and add extra room for an inseam along the crotch.

Then cut it out!

4) Take a large portion of your fabric and fold it over to line up properly with the pattern.

You can feel the pennies returning to your purse.

5) Weigh down the pattern and cut it out twice to have two pieces of indentical fabric.

Really, any random objects laying around your house will make due for this part.

6) Pair up both pieces of fabric along the raw edges and pin it along the crotch line to prepare for sewing.

They're starting to look like pants, no?

7) Do the whole sewing machine thing...

I'll let Vanessa explain this one.

8) Take your now rough-looking pair of leggings and pin around the center crotch line to complete the seams.

We're almost there!

9) Finalize the seams by sewing them together...

How Pinterest-y does a "zig-zag stitch" sound?

10) Sew in the elastic waste band, fold over, and then stitch again!

The elastic wasteband really is the most appealing part of leggings.

11) Try them on for size and make any adjustments to the length.

And there it is, DIY leggings! If you're interested in adding a cool pattern to them (because no one really wears white leggings in public, as Vanessa claims), there's also a follow-up video on tie-dying.

Check out the full tutorial below, and may the sewing odds be ever in your favor.