Kid Steps In Dog Poop And Loses His Little Mind

If the Internet has taught us anything, it's that videos of kids crying for ridiculous reasons are hilarious. Like this kid who stepped in dog poop and is having an absolute melt down about it. And in the great tradition of shitty but awesome parenting, his mom filmed the entire thing and put it on the Internet. This will be fun for old Poop Foot if he ever decides to run for president. It's going to be a strange world in the future, given that our future president's infant life is probably being recorded by his parents as we speak, and uploaded to the Internet. And the Internet never forgets.

What appears to have happened to the kid in this video, Nash, is that he was out playing barefoot in the backyard, as children do, when he stepped in dog crap. I'd wager that the average child wouldn't even notice something like that, and would just continue being a disgusting dog poo covered moron running around the yard like a dumb idiot. But not this kid. This kid is "such a Monica". Instead of playing on as any other kid would, he breaks down into screams and howls, and adorably requests "paper towels".

Watch Nash lose his mind below:

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Thanks for cooperation, overreacting children on the internet.

Photos: YouTube (2)