7 Times Bryce Dallas Howard Gave Us Fashion Envy

To celebrate the premiere of Jurassic World, the sure to be blockbuster hit of the summer (because so many of us grew up absolutely terrified by the Jurassic Park films, but are still going to be going to see the latest installment this weekend anyway), I'd like to celebrate one of the star's of the movie, Bryce Dallas Howard's fashion over the years.

As a fellow ginger-haired woman, I've always gravitated toward any red-headed stars for inspiration from their best outfits. I'm usually gaping mouth wide-open in sartorial envy when I see someone like Bryce Dallas Howard in long-flowing gowns that accentuate her hair color and skin tone. I'm also amazed by how many so-called fashion rules for fiery-haired ladies like herself, Jessica Chastain, or Christina Hendricks she actually breaks on the red carpet. Seeing such rule breaking in action pretty much settles my mind when it comes to breaking some of those same guidelines for myself (like wearing pink or red).

Anyway, I've gathered some of my favorite looks from Dallas Howard's years in the limelight. She's always managed to set herself apart from other Hollywood starlets, with a certain "je ne sais quoi" that exudes from her mysterious yet charming disposition. From the moment I saw her in M. Night Shyamalan's The Village I've always been excited for what indie (or mainstream) project she'd be doing next.

Here's to some of her best fashion moments!

1. The Jurassic World Premiere

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

I'll start with her most recent appearance on the red carpet at last night's L.A. premiere of the film. I'm absolutely swooning over that navy and the extreme cutouts in this dress. Not something you'd necessarily think of for the month of June, but it certainly throws an ode to the theme of the movie — you know, with dinosaurs clawing at bodies and all.

2. Her Hair In Scenes From Jurassic World

So, in sticking with the movie, from the moment I saw the first trailer for the film, I noticed how much I love her hairstyle here. I've adored every hairstyle she's had when bangs are involved, because I just enjoy them so much in general. Her asymmetrical bob is also reminiscent of a hairstyle I once had, so of course I'm partial to it.

Besides the hair, she's rocking that blazer over her shoulders like a boss and is styled so very on trend, too.

3. The Restless Screening

Mike Coppola/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Dallas Howard has absolutely stunned in a variety of maternity looks for her movie appearances. Here's my favorite from 2011 in this flowing yellow number. Another thing I love about her maternity style is that her changing body never seemed to hinder her from experimenting with a sophisticated yet often eclectic style.

4. Ad For Kate Spade

I love how her socks and gloves match in this outfit! The colors are all funkily put together with a definite ode to autumn, what with those earth tones and oh-so-lovely hair. It's very modern but with a classic touch.

5. The Today Show

This look was just seen on her a few days ago as she made an appearance on The Today Show for the release of Jurassic World. Her hair is to die for with that funky little side curl winged out from her ponytail, and she looks like she's ready to go see some indie rock band play. It's a casual yet very put together outfit that you might see on any one of your friends, and that makes me like her even more.

6. The Terminator Salvation Premiere

Frazer Harrison/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

What a perfect dress for a futuristic robot movie at the 2009 premiere! She looks like she's ready to kick some robot ass in this number, too, with the fierce and dramatic neck going all the way up and those cool, intergalactic, stripy patterns. I think this look was a bit of a detour from most of her other more romantic ensembles, but she makes a more intense style work here while leaving room for the imagination.

7. The Ceremony Premiere

Jason Merritt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This is probably my favorite of the dresses I've seen on Dallas Howard, from the 2011 premiere of the movie Ceremony. There's something about that shade of pink with the gold accents that just screams vintage while at the same time looking so sleek and modern. It combines many sartorial genres, as it's also almost childlike while having a dramatically swooping neckline.

Images: Getty; Universal Pictures; ErnaThomas/Twitter