Zoe Kravitz Slays In New Alexis Bittar Ads

Oh, Zoë Kravitz: Blessed with the combined bone structure and je ne sais quoi factor of Lenny Kravitz and Lisa Bonet, there was never any doubting the fact that she was headed straight to ultra-stylish glory, was there? With a Kravitz's new gig with cool-cool-cool brand Alexis Bittar to add to her resume, I should think not.

At any rate, Kravitz has seriously been killing it lately. She nabbed the role of the best-named character in the recent smash-hit Mad Max: Fury Road (seriously, Toast the Knowing is my new favorite name. I don't know about you, but I'm totally dubbing my next theoretical pet hamster Toast the Knowing), she's making major bank in the Divergent franchise, and her fashion game only continues to increase its wow factor on a daily basis. Did you see the caped and pailletted Dior she wore to the premiere of Insurgent? How about the Valentino she wore to the premiere of Mad Max ?

All that's to say, it's no surprise that Ms. Kravitz nabbed a coveted spot as the face of Alexis Bittar's Fall 2015 ad campaign... or that she aced their first photoshoot together. Of course, she's styled to fashion perfection, and she looks kind of next level awesomeso let's take a look!

Match made in heaven, or match made in heaven? Everything from the hair and beauty game (she's been rocking those fab braids for a while now, and the retro-romantic lilac pink lip color she's wearing is gorgeous) to the accessorizing (THAT POODLE BROACH) is seriously on point. Hopefully, this is just one of many future fashion and/or beauty gigs for Kravitz — after all, her star is on the rise!