13 Bold Ombre Lipstick Looks To Try This Summer

by Jen Marie

Although technically speaking, ombré may be old news in the world of beauty trends, if you look around social media, you'll find that the dazzling dual tone look is still pretty dominant. Especially when it comes to beautiful ombre lipstick, which of course, is perfectly suited to summer. This year, summer fashion turns to playful exploration, vibrant colors, earthy neutrals, and retro vibes — all of which offer opportunities to incorporate complimentary ombré lips into your beauty routine. And while you could play it safe with delicate ombré transitions, why not take a chance with your lipstick and explore your funky, fun side this summer?

My Instagram account is pretty versatile (chock-full of photographers, models, artists, travelers, makeup artists, and designers), but more often than not, it seems I still can't go a day without scrolling past a dash of ombré lipstick on my feed. So, despite the fact that wearing lipstick isn't part of my daily personal routine, all of the colorful blends have inspired me to step up my lip game with a few experimental color combinations. And frankly, whether or not ombré is outdated as a trend isn't much of an issue when it comes to lipstick. Blending values from light to dark on your lips is just smart — the center focused highlight created by the ombré lipstick effect makes lips seem even more luscious and full.

So, take it from me, and from these lovely ladies of Instagram — ombré lips are more than just a fad. They're a bold way to contour your lips and add expressively bright colors to your personal style. And don't worry if you're not sure whether or not you're ready to take the plunge with these distinct looks. Like most things, a little self-confidence is all it takes to pull off unconventional lip colors. Check out these lovely looks, and give them a try as you play with your summer style.

1. Tropical Sunset

A very summery and fun look, this tropical orange to pink gradient is both radiant and sophisticated. Perfect for days at the beach, or outdoor weddings!

2. Berry Beautiful

This look definitely showcases the plumping effect ombré lipstick can have. It's a step above your average bold berry lipstick tone, while still being subtle enough to wear daily.

3. Perfectly Purple

I'm pretty dazzled by how stunning the vertical value transition is in this purple lip. From the stark black line of the upper lip, to gentle fading gradient on the lower, this lip look is absolutely on point.

4. Baby Blues

For something a little out of the ordinary, or maybe a unique way to rock a summer festival look, you might want to consider some variation on blue hued lips. Paired with whites and tans for a subtle ombré effect, blue lip looks are a surprisingly pretty. However, you may have to sub in some eyeshadow in order to create them.

5. Glittering Green

Another extraordinary color to consider is green. From nights out to costume parties, green can be a beautiful, bold choice — and works as a statement piece in and of itself.

6. Black And Blue

When it comes to stunning lips, this look rocks my world. If you're rocking grey, platinum, or raven locks this summer, these are the bold ombré lips you need to attempt. Please.

7. Gold Kissed

Subtle, but out of the ordinary, gold and metallic ombré lips are a hat tip to the summer sun. Wear them to the beach and let them peek out from under your favorite sun hat.

8. True Dual Tone

Whenever I see a variation on these lips, I'm instantly reminded of Guardians of the Galaxy. Shimmery, glossy, and ethereal, these lips are more than just a little majestic — they're epic.

9. Dark And Dazzling

Absolutely alternative and entirely striking, these black and red lips are truly lovely in a very unique way.

10. Merry Magenta

Another twist on a simple standard color, this magenta ombré look is bold in color and subtle in transition, so it really just works to give you a plumping effect.

11. Vampy

Voluptuous and vampy, this subtle twist on the red and black ombré lip is a little less stark, but still very stunning. And with the right smile, it would be absolutely sexy!

12. Pretty In Pink

Quintessential summer fun abounds when you're rocking hot pink lips. It's a style that never really fades, and can brighten your mood, even on dreary days.

13. Glimmer Bomb

We'll end on a festive note, with this shimmery, glimmering, champagne inspired ombré lip. Wouldn't this look be lovely for a bride or a bridesmaid?

Images: leonoragabriella, jordysuperficial, fitcelebeauty, beautybynedajaberi, forever_yuri, keessmoiparis, dina_datsyuk, makeeuppforrdayss, drmakeyouup, j_make_up /Instagram; Jen Schildgen