Stevie Nicks' 'American Horror Story: Coven' Appearance Just Got Even More Exciting

So, that news about Stevie Nicks' guest-starring on American Horror Story: Coven just got even more perfect: In a new interview with EW , the series creator broke down Nicks' upcoming role, and just when she'll be heading to hang out with Fiona Goode and co. down in New Orleans.

Stevie Nicks is definitely much cooler than Met Ball tickets, so I can kind of see Fiona's logic here. Plus, Misty Day (Lily Rabe) has been downright obsessed with Nicks — a.k.a., the white witch — since the beginning of the show (not to mention Murphy has been in contact with Nicks ever since he got her explicit permission to use her songs on the show) so it makes sense that she'd eventually make an appearance in some form. Even better: Apparently, Nicks and Misty are going to sing a song together too.

Murphy also shared that Nicks will be in the 10th episode of the season, which will air "right when we come back from winter break."

So, in summation: STILL BEST. NEWS. EVER.

Image: Tumblr