'Scandal' Season 5 Premiere Date Announced

One of the worst things about falling in love with a TV show has to be those awful months during the summer when we're stuck between seasons, reeling over the events of the last one and desperately agonizing over what's to come on the next. It's really not fair, especially during the early days when you don't even know when the next season is going to start. Thankfully, we can breathe a little when it comes to Scandal, since Joshua Malina — known to fans of the show as David Rosen — has put us out of our misery by announcing the Season 5 premiere date via his Twitter page. September 24 will be the magical day Scandal returns to our TV screens, and I can't wait.

Things were left a little heavy at the end of Season 4, what with the truth coming out about Operation Remington and B613, Olivia and Fitz reuniting, Jake's goodbye... it was an emotional one. But things were still left pretty up in the air for how Season 5 will turn out, and no doubt the show's return will bring us a whole lot of new drama that needs to be dealt with, and NOW. Isn't that what we love about Scandal? Frankly, September can't get here soon enough, and I'm kind of mad at Malina for even reminding me that we still have more than three months to go until it's back on.

And while it's important to look to the future, we don't really have much to go on just yet when it comes to what's going to happen with Olivia, Mellie, or anyone else during Season 5. What we do have, however, is plenty of time to mill over the events of Season 4 (I still don't get the kidnapping storyline, but then, I probably never will) and even rewatch it so that you can refresh your memory in time for the new episodes. (Luckily, it's on Netflix now, so you can literally start your rewatch as soon as you finish reading this article.)

Whatever happens next season, I think we can all agree on one very important thing: Scandal is one of the best shows on TV in recent years, and also, I probably am a little too invested in television. Ah, well. It could always be worse.

Image: ABC