Who Is Josh Wolf's Wife? Bethany Ashton Wolf Has An Impressive Hollywood Career Of Her Own

On Thursday night, CMT will premiere its own original late-night show, The Josh Wolf Show , hosted, naturally, by Chelsea Lately contributor Josh Wolf. But I actually find Josh Wolf's wife, Bethany Ashton Wolf, more interesting than her husband, because she's already had a successful career as an indie writer, director, and producer. And while most of her films have been under the radar, as independent films usually are, she does have one crazy interesting credit on her resume: she was one of the co-writers of Don's Plum , the secret Hollywood indie that every youngish actor in the late '90s had a part in, playing slightly more despicable versions of what their gossip column personas were at the time. The film was shot in black and white, and told mostly in a diner as the large cast of characters displays their pettiness, vanity, and breathtaking disregard for anyone who isn't also a teen able to party all the time.

But while working with young versions of Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Kevin Connelly, et al may be the more fascinating thing that Bethany has done, it's not what we'll be seeing on The Josh Wolf Show , where Josh will be hosting an unconventional version of a late night show (for example — no desk). I'm sure Bethany, with her filmmaking background, will be a frequent behind-the-scenes opinion-giver, and maybe, with her minor acting background, could even show up in a bit or two. But Bethany's far more than just Josh's wife — she juggles a dozen different positions every day.

She Cares About Her Family

The Wolf family just celebrated son Jake's high school graduation, and Bethany's Instagram feed is filled with half embarrassing, half celebratory pics — is there any parent who doesn't have a camera/phone full of those? Josh wrote a book called It Takes Balls about his travails dating as a single dad. While the book came out in 2013, he's been married to Bethany since 2004, so that time's far in his rearview mirror, and the whole family is lucky to have Bethany around.

She Rescues Dogs

That dog is winking like, "I just pulled off joining the greatest family of all time."

She Just Celebrated 11 Years With Josh

These two just celebrated their anniversary on Twitter this April, and this picture just looks like love. If a joke picture is acceptable on your anniversary, the marriage is real.

She's Still Working On Her Films

Bethany just wrote and directed another short film last year called Midnight Juliet , a love story between a swimming champion and a goth who can't come out during the day. She hasn't updated her Vimeo or her IMDB page with any more recent credits, but I'm sure she'll be back behind the camera soon.

She Hosts Parties Where Jon Voight Shows Up

Angelina Jolie's dad attending your celebration has to be pretty cool.

And, Of Course, She's Supporting The Josh Wolf Show

Bethany took this photo from the audience of a Josh Wolf Show taping, but personally, I'm hoping we'll get to see her in front of the camera talking about her own Hollywood experiences soon.