Anti-Abortion Facebook Post Goes Viral

Yes, clearly kidnapping is always the solution. A disturbing Facebook message from anti-choice advocates has been circulating around the web this week, and it ain't pretty. The message, posted on the Facebook page of a Texas-based anti-choice group known as "Abolish Human Abortions" says it is looking for volunteers to take women to their abortion appointments — but then appears to suggest kidnapping said pregnant women instead of simply bringing them to abortion clinics. Fund Texas Women, a non-profit organization that funds support and information to Texas women seeking abortions, originally tweeted out the screenshot of the Facebook message. Since posting it on November 10, the tweet now has over 950 retweets.

A representative from Abolish Human Abortion explained that a separate commenter posted the Facebook message on their wall, and claims it has nothing to do with the workings or intent of their organization:

Yes we deny that we support it. Kidnapping and abortion are wrong for the same reasons, they both violate the inherent rights and dignity of other human beings. It's really kind of sad when you guys are so low on actual arguments against our actual positions that you have to resort to such transparent tactics of attempting to associate us with every opinion posted to our page. We allow people like you... to post here. Clearly not every post to our page is representative of us.

We'll let the message speak for itself:

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The viral nature of this message isn’t a coincidence. As of late, Texas has been in hot water over their state’s laws — and now, culture— around abortion. Just a few weeks ago, the U.S. 5th Circuit Court of Appeals reinstated a major part House Bill 2, which is most likely one of the most limiting pieces of abortion legislation in the country.

As Bustle reported at the time:

According to a map from the Texas Tribune, only a handful of locations will meet these new requirements for “surgical centers,” leaving only about five abortion providers open in the entire, very large state. The vast majority of Texans will be left without any providers at all, especially in the western half and northern part of the state.

The Texas Policy Evaluation Project estimates that over 22,000 women won’t be able to access abortion facilities due to the new regulations. It all starts today: 12 abortion clinics won’t be able to perform the procedure effective immediately because of the bill.

You can sign Planned Parenthood’s petition to protect women’s reproductive rights in Texas here.

(Photo: World Can't Wait via Flickr, Twitter/@FundTexasWomen)