Let Me Count The Ways I Loathe & Love Thee

Does Alec Baldwin have some kind of punch card for his angry outbursts? Like, does he get a free waffle cone every time he reaches eight? Because if so, it looks like he just got that much closer to some delicious ice cream: the actor chased down a photographer outside his apartment and called him him a "cocksucking fag" just hours after he won the lawsuit against his stalker.

So, it pretty much has all the essential elements of an Alec Baldwin outburst: Is he being insanely protective of his family? Yep. Is he railing against a member of the press? Check. Does he offend at least one oppressed minority group? Oh yeah.

It's just another page for the scrapbook of America's dangerous love-hate affair with Alec Baldwin. Oh Alec...you're smart, you're funny, you're a great actor, but why won't you let us love you? Why must you be such an angry and offensive person? Observe:

LOVE: The world mourned the loss of 30 Rock, but NBC wasn't about to let Baldwin go. Instead, they have him an entire late-night show on MSNBC, called Up Late with Alec Baldwin. Why? Because they just love him so damn much! Does the format make any sense? Uh...sort of! Is anyone watching? Not really! But dammit, how can you say no to that Baldwin charm?

HATE: When the Daily Mail reported that Baldwin's wife, Hilaria, was tweeting during James Gandolfini's funeral, Baldwin proceeded to vomit his rage on Twitter, calling the reporter a "toxic little queen." Baldwin has since deleted his Twitter and plans to never go back, although it does seem that he'll continue to go on homophobic rants.

LOVE: For all seven seasons of 30 Rock, it seemed that Alec Baldwin could do no wrong. He wore suits, he drank scotch and looked thoughtfully out of his office window, he said "Good God, Lemon." He was the Ron Swanson of the one percent. He was nominated for an Emmy, Golden Globe and Screen Actors Guild Award for nearly every season of the show. He was a god among mere nerds.

HATE: It seems Baldwin had as big of a love-hate relationship with 30 Rock as we do with him. He tried to back out of the show nearly every other season. He tried to do it when he was involved in a scandal with his daughter, he tried to do it when he wanted to quit acting completely, he tried to say the show was ending twice before it actually did, and he eventually blamed all the fuss on the fact that the scripts were "weak" in season five. Damnit, Baldwin, Tina Fey works hard for you! The least you could do is try not to quit the show!

Images: Tumblr