These Makeup Wipes Tell An Interesting Story

Akilah Hughes is not a makeup artist, but rather a self-described makeup guru (who just happens to have almost 100,000 YouTube subscribers) who, like most girls, uses face wipes at the end of each day to remove her makeup. She began noticing that her makeup wipes were telling an interesting story, so she decided to take pictures of them—a diary of her busy days, told my smudgy faces. It actually turned out pretty artsy.

Hughes describes these used makeup wipes as "little portraits, reminding me of who I saw, what I did, and how I chose to face the world during what at the time felt like a pretty standard week" and mentions that she finds it kind of sad that we throw them away each day, because our makeup is essentially a piece of us.

The real question is: How does Hughes remove her makeup so gracefully that it looks like she just pressed her face against the wipes and the makeup was magically removed? When I take off my makeup, it ends up looking like a hot mess of colors, whereas Hughes somehow managed to have cute lip marks and distinct eye makeup blotches. Also, what kind of makeup remover towelettes does she use? I'm impressed. Anyway, you have to admit Hughes' collection of used makeup wipes are actually kind of pretty.

Images: Akilah Hughes/Twitter (2)